Improvising Guitar Solos For Complete Beginners

There’s nothing quite like listening to one of your heroes perform a jaw-dropping guitar solo. The guitar can be such an emotive instrument when played in the right way. In this lesson, Andrew Clarke will show you how to start playing your own solos by using one simple scale shape and a few basic concepts.

For the entirety of this lesson, you’ll only need to use one small E major scale shape. It’s important to start simple. Down the road, you’ll be able to tie this small shape into many more shapes spanning the entire fretboard. Take some time to completely commit this new shape to memory before jumping into the rest of the lesson.

The whole point of improvising is being creative. So beyond the basic rules set in this lesson, don’t be afraid to go wild with this jam track in the style of John Mayer’s “Slow Dancing In A Burning Room”. Come up with your own licks and ideas. Add this to your daily practice time and you’ll be composing your own guitar solos in no time!

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