Jazz Blues

Beautiful Acoustic Jazz Blues Progression (With Tab) | Watch and Learn Guitar Lesson

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Here’s a really nice jazz blues progression for the acoustic guitar, played with hybrid picking in chord-melody style. I worked this out from an amazing guitarist named Rory Hoffman who is actually one of my favourite jazz guitarists I’ve found here on YouTube. I immediately fell in love with his playing and this tune, so I just had to learn it, and hopefully now with this video so can everyone else!

To be completely honest, this tunes is quite difficult to play fluidly, i.e. having all the notes ringing in to one another. It will very likely have several new moves that you may not be familiar with, but with dedication it’s totally possible to learn and play well. If you’re having trouble I’d recommend just taking it bar by bar, without moving on until you’ve completely comfortable with the previous bars. If you like a challenge then why not give it a go! Good luck 🙂

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