Sultans Of Swing Guitar Lesson Pt.1 – Dire Straits – Intro & Verse One

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In these Sultans Of Swing Guitar Lesson Videos we will take on the epic classic rock masterpiece by Dire Straits.

Sultans Of Swing Guitar Lessons Videos will show you how Mark Knopfler treats every line in every verse to a little finger-style lead guitar magic making it quite a nice study in his soloing style.

Every single note will be broken down for you slowly in these videos, so take your time and try and memorize each verse section before going on to the next.

Eventually, after getting all the parts down your ear will tell you whats coming up next because you should be very familiar with every inch of the tune.

The Sultans Of Swing Guitar Lessons Vidoes are 7 video lessons in all including a full performance video, and in them I will break down the entire track slowly and note-for-note. Good luck!! 😀

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