Jazz Blues

JAZZ Up Your BLUES with Kirk Fletcher’s Tasty Guitar Moves! fretLIVE Lesson (Gospel/R&B/Jazz/Blues)

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Kirk Fletcher’s Channel: https://bit.ly/3yKG3oQ
Kirk’s Original Video that my Lesson is From: https://youtu.be/sNloir6wfLI

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Kirk’s first phrase: 0:00
Kirk’s second phrase into F/G Chord: 0:06
Kirk’s third phrase into G7 sharp 5 Chord: 0:11
Kirk’s fourth phrase (I Chord): 0:18
Kirks’s Mixolydian/Diatonic run: 0:22
Kirk’s C Minor Pentatonic Lick: 0:25
Kirk plays F9 to F sharp dim7: 0:28
Kirk’s Chromatic Walk down from C7 to A7: 0:30
Kirk’s VI to ii lick: 0:35
Kirk’s ii-V-I licks: 0:39
Kirk’s turnaround riff to V7: 0:51
Kirk’s BB Box riff: 0:53
Lesson Intro and overview from Gary: 0:58
Pow Music Lessons Mission Statement Ideas – why fretLIVE?: 2:34
TAB and Live Lessons for Patrons Overview: 2:55
Kirk’s first phrase lesson: 4:01
Kirk’s second phrase into F/G Chord Lesson: 6:08
Kirk’s third phrase into G7 sharp 5 Chord Lesson: 8:01
Kirk’s fourth phrase (I Chord) Lesson: 10:54
Kirks’s Mixolydian/Diatonic run Lesson: 12:53
Kirk’s C Minor Pentatonic Lick Lesson: 14:54
Kirk plays F9 to F sharp dim7 Lesson: 16:04
Kirk’s Chromatic Walk down from C7 to A7 Lesson: 17:23
How JAZZ BLUES differs from Typical Blues Part 1: 18:40
Kirk’s VI to ii lick Lesson: 20:56
Kirk’s ii-V-I licks Lesson: 21:35
Kirk’s turnaround riff to V7 Lesson: 23:49
In Depth Explanation of Jazz Blues form vs. typical Form: 23:59
PLAY THROUGH/Backing Track of Jazz Blues Form: 25:24
Gary’s example of “workshopping” Kirk’s ideas over a loop: 26:12
BONUS – Kirk’s BB Box Riff: 26:57
Gary’s Goodbye Message and CHALLENGE: 27:35
SPECIAL THANKS to Pow Music Patrons: 27:55

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(This is an ear based approach to develop your phrasing before getting into larger scale shapes)

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