Jazz Blues

The Modern Modal Approach: Minor Blues – Jazz Scales, Exotic Scales – Guitar Lesson

The Minor Blues is a great place to start using a modal approach in a jazz guitar improvisation. In the video I go over 6 different modal ideas and talk about the arpeggios, triad pairs, and target notes that are great for each one!

The 4 bars of tonic minor can be filled in with so many different jazz scales and sound. From standard Melodic minor, Dorian and Blues to more exotic ideas or even superimposing or reharmonizing the chords.

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0:33 Analysis of Form and Chord Progression
3:27 Basic Scales for the Minor Blues
5:53 Scale Options Overview
7:20 Melodic MInor/Jazz Minor
9:37 Melodic Minor Arpeggios, Target notes, Triad pairs etc
16:06 Dorian
18:35 Dorian Resources: Pentatonics, Arps, triads
23:13 Blues Scale
24:56 Phrasing suggestions and Target Notes
27:08 Exotic Scale Choices
27:36 Augmented Scale
28:11 Resources: Augmented, triads, Maj7#5 arpeggios
31:49 Harmonic Minor
33:10 Wholetone Scale
34:03 Diminished Scale
35:04 Dim scale triads, arpeggios and Quartal Arpeggios
35:47 Other Chords on top of the C minor
36:13 F7/Cm
41:32 C7alt
48:01 Outro and A few questions!

Example Solo videos with Transcription:

John Coltrane Mr PC: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m2LCZ96yQv8

Pat Martino on Mr PC: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I03IWMb9ow0

Video on a solo on Solar with Augmented Scale lines:

Develop your Practice Routine:

Triad Pairs Parts 1-3:

m13 and other Modern Jazz Chord sounds:

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