NO WOMAN NO CRY Guitar Lesson Tutorial (Bob Marley) 4 Chord Guitar Song for Beginners

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Here’s how to play No Woman No Cry by Bob Marley.


This song can be made very simple by just strumming the four chords C major, G major, A minor and F major in the same progression all the way through as shown in the video. This would be appropriate for most beginner level guitar players. If the F chord is a problem, use the much easier Fmaj7 chord – in this song, this is totally fine!

Intermediate players

All budding intermediate players should attempt both of the single note lines shown in the video. Players at this level should also pay more attention to the rhythm of the strumming and where the F chord (bar 2) and the C chord (bar 3) is played before the beat! This is a great indicator to see where you’re at, and what you need to focus on to make playing like this natural. When you get it, it is as easy as ringing a bell – it just takes practice 🙂

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