7 HUGE Acoustic Guitar Lessons from The Byrds ★ Acoustic Tuesday 237

The Byrds were pioneers of psychedelic and folk rock. While acoustic guitars weren’t their main axes, there are still plenty of lessons to learn from this incredible band.

The Byrds have a rich history of rocking out and pushing the boundaries of rock. They weren’t afraid to crossover into different genres. And, as a result, they took a variety of different techniques and applied them to non-traditional situations.

From the way they modified chords to how they reimagined certain arrangements, there are plenty of technique lessons you can learn from the Byrds. I want to specifically focus on 7 key areas of The Byrds’ music.

By the end of this lesson, you’ll learn some Byrds-inspired techniques that are sure to help you discover that ’60s folk-rock sound on your guitar.

Besides discussing the techniques we can learn from the Byrds, you’ll also get to hear more about the Tony’s Acoustic Challenge Family, slide guitar technique from an earlier AT episode, and the interview that’s inspiring me on my guitar journey right now.

Featured in this episode…
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-@David Bowie
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00:00 – Intro
01:39 – #1 Modify the Chords
03:46 – #2 Melody is Paramount
05:02 – #3 Hybrid Picking w/ a Twist
05:52 – #4 B-Bender
10:20 – #5 Folk Music Foundation
11:12 – #6 Covers
12:22 – #7 Explore Outer Limits
15:10 – TAC Guitar Lick Challenge
21:01 – What’s the “TAC Family?”
24:44 – Guitarsenals
27:15 – Acoustic Guitar News

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