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In this video series, Berklee Online course author Amanda Monaco teaches you techniques that will help you advance your guitar skills, including how to play scales like the minor pentatonic from the b3, the b7, the pentatonic scale on one string, and how to play scales up and down the neck in different keys. You’ll also learn different kinds of arpeggios, including major triad arpeggios. Once you’ve mastered these techniques, Amanda will show you how to use what you’ve learned to improvise.

About Amanda Monaco:
Grammy-nominated guitarist/composer Amanda Monaco has performed at venues such as Jazz at Lincoln Center, Birdland, Jazz Standard, and Flushing Town Hall. She has released five albums to date and her playing has been described by The New York City Jazz Record as “utterly unique, a breath of fresh air in the cookie-cutter climes of both mainstream and free jazz.” Before she began teaching at Berklee in 2011, she was a member of the faculty at New School University and the National Guitar Workshop. Monaco is the author of “Jazz Guitar for the Absolute Beginner.” She is the leader of bands Deathblow and am4, and she has performed with musicians such as Milt Hinton, Harvie S, Matt Wilson, and Wayne Escoffery. She has done recordings with Fred Ho, Joe Phillips, and Noah Baerman.

About Berklee Online:
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