Jazz Blues

ALL BLUES – Guitar SOLO | How to improvise over All Blues (Miles Davis)

2 Chorusses of All Blues Guitar Solo | Note for note tutorial | Scales, Arpeggios, Avoid Notes used by Miles | + TAB

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You’ll learn what musical tools (scales, arpeggios, avoid notes) Miles Davis used to improvise over All Blues.
I’ll teach you two full chorusses of All Blues Soloing for Jazz guitar. I’ll teach you note for note and there is also a slow tempo playthrough at the end of this All Blues solo guitar lesson.

I’ll teach you everything you need to know about the All Blues guitar improvisation. I’ll show you the All Blues guitar scales, the dominant 7th arpeggios and how Miles Davis used avoid notes to emphasize the modes.

My All Blues guitar lesson shows you exactly what musical tools Miles ADvis used for his great All Blues soloing.

I’ve also made the All Blues guitar backing track, so you can start to practice your guitar solo right away. Allthough I put the notation on screen, you may want to have the All Blues guitar solo TAB, so you can follow along easier. You can get the All Blues solo transcription pdf tab from the link above.

My All Blues Jazz guitar lesson has a lot to offer. You will learn so many great jazz phrases and how Miles’ mind worked during his improvisaion.
It’s not too hard to transfer those ideas onto jazz guitar.

I hope you like my All Blues guitar solo lesson and give it a fat thumbs up. Please share the love and the knowledge, so more people can watch this All Blues guitar improvisation tutorial.

ALL BLUES – Guitar Solo Lesson:
00:00 start
00:09 Introduction
00:58 ALL BLUES – Performance (Regular Tempo)
02:03 Song Structure
02:14 CHORUS 1 – Explanation
02:26 Phrase 1 – Demonstration (Regular Tempo)
02:42 Phrase 1 – Breakdown
05:06 Phrase 1 – Demonstration (Slow Tempo)
05:31 Phrase 2 – Demonstration (Regular Tempo)
05:47 Phrase 2 – Breakdown
08:30 Phrase 2 – Demonstration (Slow Tempo)
08:50 Phrase 3 – Demonstration (Regular Tempo)
09:06 Phrase 3 – Breakdown
11:28 Phrase 3 – Demonstration (Slow Tempo)
11:47 CHORUS 2 – Explanation
11:54 Phrase 4 – Demonstration (Regular Tempo)
12:09 Phrase 4 – Breakdown
14:09 Phrase 4 – Demonstration (Slow Tempo)
14:32 Phrase 5 – Demonstration (Regular Tempo)
14:46 Phrase 5 – Breakdown
17:13 Phrase 5 – Demonstration (Slow Tempo)
17:35 Phrase 6 – Demonstration (Regular Tempo)
17:47 Phrase 6 – Breakdown
19:47 Phrase 6 – Demonstration (Slow Tempo)
20:22 ALL BLUES – Performance (Slow Tempo)
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