Jazz Blues

How to play the JAZZ BLUES (in two simple steps)

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The jazz blues is one of the most important progressions you can learn to improvise over.

This lesson teaches you how to build confidence improvising over the jazz blues progression.

You will first learn how to outline the chord changes by using a 5 note shape you can move around the chord changes.

Then I will show you and break down an eighth note etude that spells out the jazz blues chord changes.

I recommend that you are comfortable with part 1 of this jazz blues lesson series.

You can watch it here if you have not seen it already:

After this I recommend the third and final part of my jazz blues lesson series which you can find here:

What is your favorite jazz blues theme?

Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

0:00 Introduction
1:37 Most Important Bars in the Jazz Blues
2:18 5 Note Shape
4:23 5 Note Shape Demonstration
6:18 Improv Chart Demonstration
7:49 Jazz Blues Etude Explanation
8:13 Jazz Blues Etude Demo
8:42 Jazz Blues Etude Concepts

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