Learn The Killer Intro to Sweet Child O Mine STEP-BY-STEP

Sweet Child O Mine Intro Tutorial on Acoustic Guitar ✅ Check out Lauren’s UNIQUE Beginner Guitar Method: – In this Sweet Child O Mine intro tutorial by Slash of Guns N Roses, I’m going to show you Step-by-Step, how to use a special technique to master this string skipping exercise. Legend has it that the intro to Sweet Child O Mine was written by Slash as a string skipping exercise. Axl supposedly heard Slash playing it one day and the rest is history. I can believe it because this is one serious string skipping exercises for sure. But don’t worry, it’s really only two different picking patterns that you have to memorize.

⏱Sweet Child O Mine Intro Chapters: ⏱

0:00 – Lesson Intro
0:26 – Sweet Child O Mine Guitar Tuning
2:14 – Sweet Child O Mine Riff #1
3:34 – Pivot Trick
4:44 – Riff #2
5:34 – Riff #3
6:55 – Sweet Child O Mine Intro Pattern #2
9:01 – Sweet Child O Mine Playthrough

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