Learn Guitar Chords with Songs and Exercises (New Guitar Course) – Learn the major, minor and barre

Are you struggling to learn guitar chords and holding a clean barre? Do you want to play your favorite songs, but have trouble with quick chord changes? Or are you just starting out as a guitar player and looking for some chords and easy songs to learn? Sign-up on Udemy now with a discount:

This course will include:
12 little songs/etudes to help you master all the major, minor and barre chords on the guitar neck.
4 chord chart exercises, to practice reading and playing songs just by following the chord symbols.
Guitar lessons on music theory; and on the major, minor, barre, and half a barre chords.
Fingerpicking techniques and lessons using the etudes (little songs), and you will learn: arpeggios, soloing techniques, vibrato, slide, rhythm exercises etc.
Ear training games to recognize chords.
Some famous songs to practice your chords: La Bamba, Happy Birthday, Cielito Lindo, Spanish Romance.

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Guitar Course

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Songs for Spanish and Classical Guitar

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