How to Master Bar Chords (Guitar Lesson)

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0:00 – Intro
In this lesson, Ayla teaches you how to play and master bar chords so you’ll be able to find shapes you can move around the fretboard easily.

0:57 – 6-4-1-5 Chord Progression
This chord progression is used in hundreds of songs over the years including “Africa” by Toto. The best part about this chord progression is that you only need to know two shapes.

1:32 – Finding the Root Note
The first and most important thing is to find the root note (the starting note) before you figure out where to play the bar chord.

2:26 – Building the Bar Chord Shape
The next step is to build the minor bar chord shape by taking your index finger and lay it flat across the strings (and have all the notes ring out) comfortable enough for you to play.

4:46 – Moving the Bar
Move the bar and play through each string one at a time for the following frets: 7th fret, 3rd fret, 10th fret, 5th fret.

7:06 – A Minor Adjustment
Turn the bars into an actual chord to the minor bar chord that you can move around the fretboard (as long as you find the right root note).

7:57 – Major Chord Shape
Turn the bar into a major chord by taking the minor third and raising it a semi-tone turning into a major third. This chord can also move around the fretboard as long as you fin the right root note.

10:00 – Other Adjustments
If you encounter anything that isn’t ringing out when playing through the chord progressions, make the adjustments you need.

11:45 – Finger Placement
Another problem you may have is not having your fingers upright enough. Have your fingers at an angle instead of flat to avoid tension in your hands.

12:28 – The G String
Another common issue is the G string not ringing out due to not having enough pressure as the other strings. Again, this will require more finger adjustments to ensure all the strings ring out equally.

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