Jazz Blues

12 Bar Solo Breakdown #1 – Assembly Lines – Jazz Blues Guitar Lessons

FULL COURSE, TAB, JAM TRACKS: http://tfir.es/1CeRyNh

More jazz blues guitar lessons: http://bit.ly/TrueFire

Assembly Lines raises the bar on TrueFire’s top-ranked Jazzed Blues video series from Mark Stefani. This innovative course takes you on a sonic learning tour through the funky rhythm and blues stylings and fretboard concepts of top players like George Benson, Kenny Burrell and Grant Green.

Assembly Lines breaks down the 12-bar blues progression into logical sections and then builds your vocabulary of versatile jazzed blues phrases, which can be played over I, IV and V-IV-I changes. Phrases are then twisted and turned rhythmically and harmonically so that you can apply them tastefully anywhere in a blues progression.

Once your vocabulary of phrases is up to snuff, you’ll assemble the phrases into four full-chorus solos that will turn heads at the next session or jam. Assembly Lines is a must-have course for any serious student of blues and jazz guitar.

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