BluGuitar Amp1 Iridium Review & Demo! (I’m BLOWN AWAY!)

Thanks for checking out my review and demo of the BluGuitar Amp 1 Iridium Edition. This little 100 w amp is small and lightweight but it packs a serious punch. It really sounds like a (or multiple) big tube amp heads!


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00:00 Intro
00:26 Introduction
01:49 Main Overview
02:42 Feature Overview
06:27 Clean Tones (LTD Phoenix 1000 w/Fishmans)
07:52 Clean Tone Settings
09:08 Clean Tones Isolated
09:36 Crunch Tones (Gibson Les Paul Standard 60s w/SD JB)
11:04 Crunch Tone Settings
11:46 Crunch Tones Isolated
12:21 Heavy Rock Tones (LTD Phoenix 1000 w/Duncans)
13:51 Heavy Rock Tone Settings
14:46 Heavy Rock Tones Isolated
15:17 Metal 6-String Tones (LTD Phoenix Arctic Metal w/EMG)
16:47 Metal 6-String Tone Settings
17:34 Metal 6-String Tones Isolated
18:08 Metal 7-String Baritone Tones (LTD SC-607B1H w/Fishman)
19:55 Metal 7-String Baritone Tones Isolated
20:38 Metal 8-String Baritone Tones (Ibanez M80M w/Lundgren)
22:27 Metal 8-String Baritone Tones Isolated
22:51 Conclusion

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