Enya NexG Smart Audio Guitar FULL Review and Demo

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This guitar is not yet available. Preorders can be taken March 1st. This link is not affiliated.

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00:00 – Hi!
00:16 – Why you should never say never…
00:44 – What to expect.
01:10 – Specs and details
03:12 – How to change the preset tones
03:39 – Stereo demo
04:03 – Sound sample 1 – Acoustic settings
04:53 – Sound sample 2 – Acoustic fingerpicking setting
05:15 – Sound Sample 3 – Rock
05:38 – Sound sample 4 – Rock/Fusion setting
06:00 – Mic demo
6:24 – Answering your questions…
06:24 – How does it feel?
06:58 – Can you control the volume of the vocals separately from the guitar?
07:25 – How does it sound outdoors?
09:40 – Is the guitar comfortable to play?
10:19 – Action and truss rod
10:25 – Can you play it with other pedals?
11:01 – Can you use it with an amp?
11:23 – Does it work with GarageBand?
11:37 – Personal Thoughts
12:53 – Where would I use this? What do you think?

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