Firefly FFTL – Nashville Tele – Review and Demo

Keith takes a look at the Firefly FFTL Guitar. How does this $200 Nashville style “T” Guitar measure up? Let’s find out.

Time Stamps:
Intro – 0:00
What is a Nashville Tele: 3:00
Stock Demo – 4:54
Tone Demo – 7:10
Microphonic Test – 9:03
Overview – 9:34
Take Apart – 10:28
Wrap Up – 13:42

Keith Leedham is an independent recording artists/studio owner/tinkerer.

He owns “The Tape Farm” a recording studio that specializes in transferring “pro-sumer” analog tape formats from manufactures like Tascam and Fostex.


As an independent recording artists Keith has released singles, EPs and full length albums. With styles ranging from Progressive Rock to Country to Singer/Songwriter to Hard Rock to what ever the song dictates.


He also tinkers with various audio equipment such as tape machines, guitars and guitar amps. When he comes across something interesting he posts the progress/results on YouTube.

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