Hendrix Combined This With Barre Chords and You Should Too… | Intermediate Rhythm Guitar Lesson

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Triads are the topic of today’s video. This is something that ALL intermediate guitar players should learn in their journey from an intermediate to advanced level of guitar playing. Why? Because not only are triads an incredibly useful tool for lead playing, they are equally useful for making your RHYTHM playing sound so much more interesting!

In this lesson, I explain to you what a ‘1st inversion major triad’ is and how you can combine it with major barre chords to get a bit more creative with your rhythm playing and add a bit of life to basic chord progressions.

I do this by taking you through the first four bars of a rhythm playing etude I composed recently. This etude was inspired by the opening to the Hendrix classic ‘Bold as Love’ and shares the same four chords played in the intro of that song.

These first four bars should act as a nice introduction to combining major barre chords with triad shapes for those of you who are new to the concept of triads.

If you enjoyed learning the first four bars and would like to learn the etude in full with downloadable TAB files and a video breakdown, you can find exactly that in the EXTRAS section of my instructional website –

In addition to a breakdown of the etude, I have created 6 BONUS exercises for practicing the combination of major barre chords and 1st inversion major triads.

These exercises will be helpful to those of you who might not feel technically ready to learn the entire etude and would perhaps benefit from practicing some easier exercises to begin with.

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If your knowledge of fundamental music theory is lacking, or you’re a COMPLETE beginner when it comes to theory, you will absolutely benefit from studying the material found in Part 1 – Master the Fretboard. Triads – and many other concepts – are covered in much more depth in that course and you will learn how and when to use them in your lead and rhythm playing.


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