Epiphone Olympic Special Joan Jett – Signature Guitar Review – We Love Rock n Roll!

Another great original reissue from Epiphone this week in the fish-like form of the 1965- 1970 Olympic Special now reinvented as the new Joan Jet signature. So is it still special?… time to put on the leather jacket, crank up the AC30 and find out!!

WARNING: I am not an expert, but some things I do know and some things I don’t know but think I know and sometimes I say things that are not entirely correct. Once I have said things it’s too late to correct them so please check any ‘so called facts’ with an adult, google, wikipedia, or someone else that knows.

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If you don’t like any of the talking or the playing bits in this video we’ve made it easy for you to skip along to the next chapter in case something more interesting is happening…

0:00 play in & coming up
1:07 what’s happening today
3:17 I love guitars like this
3:35 epiphone olympic history
7:44 waffle warning
8:29 today’s rig sounds like this
9:25 some playing starts here
10:44 body, neck, hardware, specs etc
13:20 the soft case & stickers
14:56 the pickup & controls
16:33 the nut and guitar setup
17:56 what does it weigh
18:14 lets take it to pieces
19:54 and the bridge weighs?
20:05 pickup outputs
20:45 under the hood
23:07 neck profile & measurements
23:26 under truss rod cover
24:00 fretboard & frets
24:53 some more playing here
26:07 what do we think?
29:28 knockabout guitars
31:03 final words
32:32 play out jam

Signal Chain Info:
Drive Pedals (when on): Soul Food / Crowther Hotcake
Amp: Vox AC30C1
Mics AKG C414 & SM57
Focusrite Scarlett 18i20 into Protools

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