The EASIEST 2 Chords On Acoustic Guitar & First Songs To Play

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In this beginners guitar lesson we take a look at how to play the 2 EASIEST guitar chords; E minor and A sus2. We then take a look at a short section of 3 songs that use these chords.

This lesson is aimed at anyone that has struggled to play something that they are happy with so far. It simply offers a first step, plus an opportunity to jam along with Andy and get playing some great songs as soon as possible.

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00:00 – Video intro
01:37 – The chords
02:29 – Finger positioning
05:11 – Strumming pattern
06:16 – Little By Little demo
06:53 – Breathe demo
07:30 – Weather With You demo
09:24 – Playing tips
11:18 – Little By Little playthrough
12:30 – Breathe playthrough
13:49 – Weather With You playthrough
14:31 – Video Outro

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