Chordplay – Acoustic Guitar Chords

Here’s the next episode of Chordplay with Acoustic Guitar Chords. I’ve had some requests to feature more acoustic guitar music and ideas and this lesson fits the bill perfectly by uncovering some common and not-so-common areas of music theory, chord construction, chord inversions, the CAGED system, exploring the guitar fretboard, and much more!

While all of the material shared in this lesson could be played/performed on an electric guitar, you’ll discover that many acoustic guitarists cling to some of the ideas/concepts demonstrated in this episode – so if you’re an acoustic guitarist there’s plenty to sink your teeth into hiding in this lesson, but even the “pure” electric guitarists out there would benefit from running through this material and applying it in other ways. In a nutshell – the material/info shared in this episode is important and in time you’ll find it to be eternally useful, especially when writing your own songs, music, and ideas!

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