Electric Guitar Lesson For Intermediate Players – Phrasing Your Solos

This is an electric guitar lesson for my intermediate players. We are going to be working on how to phrase your solos. Let’s talk first about what phrasing is… and what the 2 different ways that you can work on it are. Then we will look at how you can start working on it right away in this lesson.

Don’t understand the fretboard yet? Get my 5 levels of scales method here:

Go grab your electric guitar and lets get playing!

0:00 Introduction
0:32 Where You Should Be At So Far
2:00 Pillar 1/2 Of Phrasing:
6:15 How To Work on Phrase Creation
8:35 Pillar 2/2 Of Phrasing
10:25 Practising Pillar 2
13:20 Zooming in to Pillar 2

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