Ramble On Guitar Lesson Pt.1 – Led Zeppelin – Jimmy Page – Acoustic Guitar Intro, Verse & PreChorus

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“Ramble On” is one of Led Zeppelin’s most popular tunes. It has some beautiful acoustic guitar work as well as some very classic guitar riffs.
There are two things going on during most of the song. One is an acoustic guitar part and the other is an electric guitar part layered on top.

We will cover both in these lessons so you will have your choice in which ones to play at that particular point in the song. The performance video sticks mainly with the main parts of the song as of course as I can’t perform both parts at the same time except for one section which you will see below.

Most of the layered acoustic and electric parts are very similar however, so playing just one of them at a time still makes for some very full sounding guitar parts to play along with the recording. So have with this classic Led Zeppelin tune and make sure to keep those request’s coming!!

Lesson Taught by: Carl Brown

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