My Ultimate Beginners Guitar Course

My Ultimate Beginners Guitar Course is available now!

🔥 100 lessons
🔥 11 hours of multi-angle 4K video
🔥 Learn over 40 of my favourite songs & riffs
🔥 Full performance & breakdown of my track ‘Summit’
🔥 On-screen Chord Diagrams & Tab
🔥 Track your progress and practice on the go with the mobile app
▶️ PLUS 15 Modern Guitar licks + Interview + Band performance

I’m so excited to share this course with you! I wish I had it when I first started playing guitar! I’ve worked so hard with @musicisum over the last year to put everything I know into one massive, easy-to-follow course.

I’ll take you from the very start and teach you your first chords, scales and essential techniques. By the end of the course, you’ll be confident jamming with friends, writing your own music and enjoying a whole new level of freedom on the guitar.

Come and check it out and I’ll see you in the first lesson 🤘😁🖤

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