Mudhal nee mudivum nee guitar cover | Chords in description

As we know that,we cant change any part of past in our life!
Well coming to this song, im just so obsessed with this movie and the song.As this song narrates the entire movie, especially i love this line ‘Theernadhi needhanadi neendhamal naan moolgipoonen’ .I got connected to this movie a lot. And i know sure u vil watch this! I dedicate this to you♥️!

Capo on 2nd fret
Strumming pattern D UDUDUDU D
(Emaj)Mudhal nee mudivum nee
Moondru kaalam nee
Kadal nee karaiyum nee
Kaatru kooda nee

Manadhoram oru kaayam
Unnai ennadha naal illaiyae
Naanaga naanum illaiyae

Vazhiyengum pala bimbam
Adhil naan saaya thozh illaiyae
Un pola yaarum illaiyae

(Emaj)Theera nadhi (F#maj)neethaanadi
(Amaj)Neendhaamal naan moozhgi (Bmaj)ponen
Neethaanadi vaanil made
Neeyalla naan thaanae theindhen
Loop the chords for the rest

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