Cheaper than an Epiphone! Is it better? Rabswood Guitar Review

So, You are considering a handmade luthier made guitar, but you are unsure.
As you see there are things to consider but there is also much to love about it.
Feel free to ask any questions I can help with.

You can find me on insta @rafael_media

00:00 Intro
01:20 Specs
2:14 Playing Demo
Handle me with care and Morning Glory
2:51 talking in preparation of classics homicide
4:41 stating the obvious nature of a P90
6:04 more playing.. just stop already
7:25 my views on handmade guitars
10:30 Outré, thank god

#guitar #electricguitar #P90 #doublecut #gibson #Rabswood #custom #fender #handmade

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