Essential Blues Guitar Lessons [1 of 27] Electric Blues For Intermediates

Part 1 “Dirty Blues”. Welcome to level one of our Electric Blues Essentials series! In this course we will be taking you through the beautiful world of electric blues guitar, covering lead, rhythm and the theory to ensure you come away with a total understanding of the genre and the skills you need to play like the top blues players in the world. In this first unit we tackle a cool blues solo that will introduce the blues scale, soloing subtlties within the blues, and the 12 bar format.

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Electric Blues Essentials Level 1

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Essential Blues Guitar Lessons [1 of 27] Electric Blues For Intermediates

Let’s get started with the main riff, and the concept of the blues scale. First up, the blues scale. This is essentially the minor pentatonic with an additional flattened 5th note. It therefore creates a 6 note scale that looks like this:

root, b3rd, 4th, b5th, 5th, b7th

When you apply this to the fretboard, and in the key of G, we can build our G blues scale. This can be played all over the neck, but to start with, lets play it from the first position, down on the 3rd fret.


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Above all, keep learning and keep having fun! 😀🎸🙃

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